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Surgical Treatment

All surgical hair restorations are  based on the redistribution of hair follicles, so creating of new hair is not concerned. The conventional process contains  three hair restoration procedures: grafting (hair transplantation), reduce the balding areas, scalp flap surgery. Today, among other procedures  hair transplantation has   95% frequency of  practice. Hair transplantation has a  high success rate, low complication rate and high acceptance rate by patients.   This is a method of reducing  bald areas, as hairless areas are cut and replanted.   The most typical in cutting and subtracting of   the area of the top of the head.   Sometimes this can be extended to the front area.  Throughout the 1980s and until the mid-1990s, this method was much more popular, nowadays it is   rarely applied. It is very difficult to apply surgical treatment  without experience abnormal hair growth, scars and    patient discomfort. 

Scalp flap surgery is done by very few surgeons because  it  requires surgical  experience. In addition, most patients are not motivated for this method.  A  single hair flap contains 10000 hair follicle and  with  2-3 procedures  done  in intervals of a couple of  weeks  dense hair  line can be  obtained. In the hands of surgeons who don’t have experience complications   including  flap necrosis may occur. Hair transplantation is the most common hair restoration procedure and can be done with many different techniques. Since  1990s  transplanted micro grafts (1-2 bristles)started to be  combined with minigrafts (3-5 bristles)   and this  form the original  hair  shape.  Today follicular unit grafting has become almost standard in hair restoration. Removal of  hairless  tissue and transplanting only follicular unit brought some advantages. These follicular units can be placed in a very small  receiver areas, it  provides better density and   decrease  post operation crusting.

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