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Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose surgery which shapes and improves  the appearance  of  nose.
Reconstructive  rhinoplasty is applied to correct trauma-induced  deformities and   congenital anomalies.  
This  operation is based on the principles of changing the angle of the nose,  shrinking  the nose nostrils, lifting or changing the shape of  the  nose tip.
Also,  during   operation respiratory problems as nasal turbinate hypertrophy and curvature of septum  preventing  breath intake,  can be corrected.
After plastic surgeon examines the anatomical features of your nose and considering your wishes  rhinoplasty can be  made with  open or closed technique.
Operations  release nasal bone skin from  cartilage and reshape  these structures again.  Skin is fitted onto this reshaped structure  of cartilage and bone.
 Open rhinoplasty is a procedure of applying  very thin sutures on  incisions made ​​on the outside and inside  of the nose.
Nowadays, if   septoplasty was not  done on  patients who have no  excessive curvature, nasal packing is not  done.
However,  slippery, tumescent    and easily extractable packs must be applied  to  the patients who need.  

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