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Price Of Hair Transplantation

The matter  of price of hair transplantation confuses   the patients minds. Because  while high prices can be  pronounced by one side, other side can   offer very low prices.  Actually there is no right relation  between the price and quality of hair transplantation. It is wrong to say that  a company with high prices presents the best hair transplantation. But we have to be reserved to  companies   with very very low prices.  The price of hair transplantation is determined by adding the profit to the expenses included. Some companies  may require lower profit,  other companies may require more. Of course both of them are reasonable, because to determine prices unforeseen expenses should be added.

Considering all these matters hair transplantation  has a standart price. It is clear that no company can  offer price lower than it.  For example, to perform the operations in Medical Centers or Hospitals is a legal necessity and it  brings extra costs.  It means that a company  performing operations  on places different from Medical Centers or Hospitals can reduce the prices with unfair competition. Also, hair transplantation is a medical procedure  that legally must be performed only  by doctors. But any company can ignore law and  have these operation done by people who  are not doctors. This also can cause  lower prices with unfair competition. Beside these,  there are  other services that in order to provide  lower price can be removed from the package but it is a risk for the patient’s health.

Summarized:  the price of hair transplantation can  be  increased or reduced complying with the provided standarts according to  factors as  doctor’s  experience and fame,   operation place and extra service included to the package.    The service must be legally and medically completed. Considering all these matters we warn to behave reserved to very low prices.  

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