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Medical Treatment

In hair loss cases  doctor’s first concern is  to provide   medical shampoo to  patients.  A shampoo chosen properly according  to the hair structure of the patients will protect them  from the harmful effect of  cosmetic shampoos and  will feed the hair during washing,  also  protect from hair breakage, increase  nutrition and blood circulation in scalp. The ingredients of the recommended  shampoo  are very important.

For example  Aesculus hippocastanum seed extract (conker) increases vascularity and blood circulation. This natural and herbal  ingredient effects positively also as  increasing  scalp heat.   Phenoxyethanol has antimicrobial effect, panthenol or  provitamin B5 has moisturizing effect,  arnica montana flower extract ( scale fern extract) is a counterirretant  and prevents from dandruff,   melissa officinalis leaf extract ( garden balm extract) renews  hair skin , urtica dioica extract ( stinger extract)  is an  inhibitor of 5 alpha reductase  and effects as finasteride,    arctium majus root extract ( great burdock extract) contains sterols as 5 alpha reductase  and helps for growing hair. Patients should use only  the shampoo in intervals   prescribed by a doctor, without changing it with other  products. If the shampoo is used seldom than prescribed intervals  sediments on scalp  will fill  the  pores and hairs will be lubricated more. This will make  the  breathing of substractum   difficult. If  patients use the shampoo more often than prescribed  intervals  scalp  flora will be spoiled, hair will be unable to resist on illness and hair breakage will increase because of mechanical traumas.  Therefore it is important intervals of washing to be determined by a doctor and patients should obey this.  Eventhough using shampoo can be sufficient for some patients,  combination with more treatment options may be necessary at later age. Other speciality of this shampoo is that  patients should not accept it as a medicine. They should realize it as their routine   shampoo used in  bath  and it will be enough for the development of the treatment. All other medicines can not be used continuously as development of treatment. To treat hair loss patients sometimes use  medicines  and are  precise in the begining but during  time  they  lose their strictness and will.  However, it is not difficult to use this medical shampoo as a routine habit. While many  market products are not so preferrable this shampoo is accepted willingly.  In order to continue treatment we advise some extracts as pine turpentine to be add to shampoo for some patients who  experience difficulty  to obey the treatments rules. There are many products on market said they prevent hair loss. But  prescription of shampoo must be done after examining patient. As I have already told, the risk factors of  hair loss   must be determined. It is risky to start treatment without taking necessary precautions. That’s why it should be considered that  recommending shampoo is specific, idividual and  must be done by specialist doctor.

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