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Liposuction is a procedure of disposing of diet-resistant fat stores from  your body  with  the help  of thin cannula even after weight loss. Liposuction  can also  be applied to many areas and  can   be combined with other cosmetic operations. The operations proceed as injecting of special liquids subcutaneously  and after 20-25 minutes fat cells are extracted from subcutaneous  area  with cannulas long 2-3 mm and special instrument with vacuum pressure.
The incisions are 2-3 mm long.  No  scars remain because the incisions are made on skin folds and body lines.
Which areas can Liposuction be applied  to?
Liposuction is applied
-         To extract the fat deposits spoiling the normal proportions  on different  areas of the men and women bodies.
-         In shaping of cheeks, neck and double  chin.
-          On upper parts of the arms
-         In shaping of hips, thighs, calves and ankles.
-         In shaping  of abdomen and waist area.
-         In the treatment of breast enlargement in men.
Important Matters:

-  First examination should be done carefully by your doctor.
- Your skin tone and looseness   should be examined.
- You should   give accurate information about your  patient story   to  your doctor.
- If you plan to lose weight during pregnancy or in   future you  have to inform your plastic surgeon about it.
-  Your anamnesis about  drug allergies, medications used, the previous operation story  should be determined.
The operation lasts  2-3    hours.    

Side effects and risks:   
Temporary numbness, cyanosis, pain and swelling can occur.

Recovery Period:

Patients  can turn back to  work   after 1-2  days. More active activities are  recommended after 2 weeks. Usage of corset will be required during  15-20 days.
Procedure  and anesthesia
The operation is  performed under local  anesthesia with sedation  in hospital.
Balanced  diet and exercises will provide long lasting   result.

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