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Leg and Hip Lift Surgery

Thighs and Buttocks Lift   involves   removing of sagging loose skin and fat tissue in this region surgically.
Factors as weight gain and loss, aging and sun cause sagging and loosening of tissue on thighs and buttocks.   
With these surgeries  tissues on the legs and buttocks are stretched and contoured. Mostly these operations are combined with liposuction for better result. In a manner similar to  abdominoplasty loose skin and fat tissue on thighs and buttocks  are  removed in an elliptical shape. These regions are tightened and brought to flat shape. Scarring line is shaped. In Leg Lift this scar line is hidden in groin area, in Hip Lift scarring line is placed above hip bone, on lateral side of  body, under bikini. 
Important Matters:

-  First examination should be done carefully by your doctor.
- You should   give accurate information about your  patient story   to  your doctor.
-  Your anamnesis about  drug allergies, medications used, the previous operation story  should be determined.
The operation lasts  2-3    hours.    

Side effects and risks:   
Temporary numbness, cyanosis, pain and swelling can occur. Sometimes infection and minimal bleeding may occur.

Recovery Period:
Patients  can turn back to  work   after 1-2  weeks.  . Normal activities are recommended after 1 week and physical activities are recommended after 1 month.
Procedure  and anesthesia
The operation is  performed under local  anesthesia with sedation  in hospital. Spinal, epidural anesthesia can be performed.
 The result is long lasting if there is no changes in weight. 

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