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Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a treatment applied to the middle part of the skin. Hair mesotherapy is injecting of all vitamines, minerals, proteins etc to the scalp  with very thin needles.  In hair mesotherapy medicines   increasing  blood circulatiıon, vitamines feeding hair roots  and antioxidants  are   injected directly to the hair roots with 2 or 4 mm needles. Mesotherapy is an additional method to  treat  and control   hair loss. The results are satisfactory and persistant. Mesotherapy is a medical techinque of delivering the necessery elements to relevant tissues. Small dozes are injected into the skin. These injections made ​​into the dermis, stimulates cellular metabolism and prepares ground to stimulate  tissue.  Patients will have  healthier  existing hairs. According to necessity one or two sessions per a week can be  performed. After 6-10 sessions hair falling totally stops.  Hair mesotherapy is applied to women and men successfully.  Hair losses treated with mesotherapy: hair loss  due to stress, seasonal hair loss, metabolic hair loss and hair loss after pregnancy.  Mesotherapy is especially useful in cases when a reduction in the hair follicle and hair formation and growth phase are observed in the "anagen phase" as determined by shortening "in androgenic alopecia (male pattern hair loss)".

This method is preferred as a   supportive therapy  when the  hair loss is genetic and  hormonal.

The mixture used in mesotherapy  is prepared according to individual needs. 

More voluminous and shiny hair  are obtained by providing the necessary for hair growth missing components.  Because the missing  components are injected directly to the hair roots in small dozes there is no risk of side effects  and the effect is visible in very short period of time.

Mesotherapy is among the most known and applied clinical practice. In fact it  should be  done combined with hair thermotherapy and   special head massage.

As in hair thermotherapy, ozonated  and softened with vapour  hair becomes  ready for mesotherapy. In this way, scalp   is prevented from  feeling  pain.

Mesotherapy performed  without thermotherapy  in the beginning is clinically proven as more painful.

After thermotherapy a special mixture of vitamines, minerals  of  the structure of the hair,  keratolytic agents, minoxidil, circulation enhancer  and local anesthetic is prepared and inserted into the hair mesotherapy gun.  The  mesotherapy gun is connected to a   computer  and   the amount of medicines   injected into the scalp per each pressing is determined. Through this computer the medicines in needle, during entering or exiting  can be checked by doctor. After settings are made medicines are distributed to the whole scalp at certain intervals.  Hair mesotherapy can be done manually but it is almost  impossible to apply in the same setting  to all area manually.  That’s why  using of hair  mesotherapy gun is necessary. In the end of procedure a special  mixture of oils is spread  and pores are covered  to  keep the medicines inside.  After procedure finished patients  should not wash their hairs and spread any  lotion or even home care cures  prescribed.   Hair mesotherapy is made on sessions. Each session lasts approximately 40  minutes.  First 4 sessions are done one per a week,  last 4 sessions are done one per 15 days.  The interval     between sessions must  not be more than 11 days  in first 4 sessions and more than 22 days in the last 4 sessions.  Mesotherapy is useful in the seasonal transitions one  in   September-October  and one   in April-May. This condition is more important in  hair transplant patients or patients at risk  of hair loss. Some doctors suggest    taking a month mesotherapy  regularly to their patients.

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