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Frequently Asked Questions

Estetistanbul is the most desirable medical center by many countries of the world. Specialist doctors and competent team is waiting to make a hair transplant operation and give you a comfortable feeling.

You are right.

Because if the operation does not performed as normally as well , It will not be done any good

The most important factor in the natural appearance of the hair is the step of opening channels.

In Estetistanbul center and because the channels are opened by our specialist doctors you don’t need to feel afraid, Fear is unnecessary in our medical center you are in a good hands

There will not be any problem where that our doctors they open channels number and the required angle

There is no risk of the hair transplant operation we obviouserve procedures the follicles are taken from the same patient

from rich place follicles will be extracted and  transfer it to a poor place and as the follicles it taken from the same patient there is no possibility of a reaction against these follicles.

Yes, it requires shaving the hair and often this step before the operation at the hospital. but not to worry, the hair will grow by more than 1 cm per month.

The new opened channels will be similar to the old channels so the patient will have the same appearance of old hair and will not be any problem.

No need to fear, so as long as you are committed with the instructions.

In order to protect the existing hair it is recommended to use the shampoo as well as the application of medical home care and application of Mesotherapy sessions by our doctors. In any case,

the doctors and  they will check for hair restoration and planning and it is possible to predict if will happen any hair loss in the future , for this reason, the doctors they will implant more follicles when it is required.

Do not worry you can easily and safely choose Estetistanbul center with the system (HR system).

No need to worry at all

The operation is done under local anesthesia and the patient is provided with Serum containing analgesic medicine for pain and soothe , it barely will not feel any pain during the procedure.

A completely unwarranted fear. Hair transplant operation is approximately 5 hours. You are awake, you're watching TV and you chat for this time you won't even notice.

In the operating room will takes all the necessary measures and this thing is not for one particular patient it is in accordance with standards adopted by the specialist doctor and the dedicated team.

It relied on the doctor and you can ask the doctor about any additional procedures for you.

The operation  will be performed by specialist doctors of hair transplant and specialized team, and every operation procedures are controlled by medical specialists.

No because the medicines inside the serum will protect you from this thing.
Above that we will give you a prescription with anti-swelling tablets.
A long side you have to follow the instructions which is written in the given book.
You have to put ice bags every two hours in the first two daysafter the operation on the face By this the face will not swell.

Perhapsyou will wake from time to time but you will not stay awake our advice is to use a special pillow to spend a comfortable night.

This step is very easy. Generally we advise to wash the hair after 48 hours of the operation.

If the patient has enough time it is more correct to do the first washing in our clinic but if the patient does not have the time we will give him a CD about how to wash the hair.

To protect your implanted and apparent hair you will use a special hat By using this hatno one can know that you did this operation We give you this hat as a gift.

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Beard, Mustache, eyebrows and whiskers transplantation:
Not only hair but also beard,mustache, eyebrows and whiskers can be done.
These procedures are as the same as hair transplantation.
The period of this procedure depends on the number of Grafts.
In this issueyou can get more information from our experts.

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