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Fat Injections

Fat injection is a process of  transferring  of fat cells   from one place to another  with a needle.  Fat  is usually taken  from abdomen. The fat cells continue to live in their new location, where they  act as a filler. The success of fat injections  depends on the   continuing  survival of the cells. If the cells die after a few weeks  all   filling effect will disappear. In short, dead fats melt. There are many different techniques to make  fat  injections,  fats mainly are removed  with  special liposuction cannula, then   transferred with a  syringe and  to a new location. In both stages  there is no need to cut and suture. The  success of above mentioned procedure  depends on the technique used.   Care must be taken to prevent   the  contact  of  extracted fat with air.   Thus the injected fat will melt and  long-term persistence will  be provided. Fat injection is often applied to the facial area.  A little amount of fat  can be injected  to  thicken the lips, fill  in deep wrinkles around the mouth,    plump   cheekbones and even slightly  grew the lower jaw. Fat injections are frequently  used to fix the but shape,  to enlarge the  contours of  the legs, to correct the deformities of  liposuctions previously made. Also this procedure is being applied to after some accidents.  For example, trough on forehead occured can be filled in with this fat.
Important Matters:

-  First examination should be done carefully by your doctor.
- Your skin and muscles  should be carefully evaluated  and your wishes considered.
- You should   give accurate information about your  patient story   to  your doctor .
-  Your anamnesis about  drug allergies, medications used, the previous operation story  should be determined.
The operation lasts 1-2  hours   depending on  the area of implementation.
 Side effects and risks: 
Temporary swelling and numbness  can be felt on  the treated area as well as adipose tissue  may melt  more than  being considered and repetition of the  procedure  may be required.
Recovery Period:
A patient can turn back to work after  1-2  days. Overactivities are not recommended during 1 week.    More strenuous  physical activities can be done on the  second week.
Procedure  and anesthesia
The operation is  performed in hospital under local  anesthesia +  sedation.
The result is long lasting

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