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Face Lift

This operation is preferred on facial skin sagging, skin overhang formed on the jawbone, relaxed muscles on  neck and chin  due to fats.
Cut generally  starts  from the top of the side whiskers  down by the front of the ear and  ends on the  scalp behind the ear.
The adipose tissue is divided from neck and facial muscle, soft tissue  is being hung  back and muscles are re-tightened in correction of contours.
After this procedure  of  densification  and hanging,   the excess  skin is  cut and removed, then  the skin is  aesthetically   sutured  and no scars are visible.
Important Matters:

-  First examination should be done carefully by your doctor.
- Your skin and muscles  should be carefully evaluated  and your wishes considered.
- You should   give accurate information about your  patient story   to  your doctor.
-  Your anamnesis about  drug allergies, medications used, the previous operation story  should be determined.
The operation lasts 3-4 hours.
Side effects and risks: 
Temporary cyanosis , swelling, tension and  sensivity and  can be felt.  
 During recovery period risks as delay in healing, scarring may occur.  
Recovery Period:
A patient can turn back to work after  10-14 days. Overwhelming activities are not recommended during 2   weeks.   Activities as  sauna, alcohol    should be avoided  for 1-3 months.
Procedure  and anesthesia
The operation is  performed under general anesthesia. 1  night stay    in hospital  is required.  
The results is effective during  period of 5-10 years. 

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